Health Coaching

We all need a little Support, Guidance, and Accountability in our lives!

Have you ever been given a list of what to do or not do and no plan on how to follow through?  With your healthcare package, you will have several one-on-one sessions where you will be provided the drive and guidance you need to improve your overall health.  Each session will be highly individualized and driven by you.

Initially the visits will be more frequent.  This works best for you to feel the most significant improvements sooner.  As you take the reins and feel more control over your health, visits become less frequent, or as often as you choose.

The First (and Most Important) Step is Listening

Whether your goal is to increase energy, lose weight, reduce stress and/or anxiety, sleep better or all of those and more, you will be heard.

You will receive help with all that encompasses positive and healthy lifestyle choices, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and connectivity. You will receive education and support so that you will achieve your health goals to a point where you no longer need us!

With Megan’s specialized training in functional and mind/body medicine and as a health coach, she will help you discover exactly what works best for you and what does not.