Stress Reduction for First Responders

Having 10 years of experience as a first responder and 5 years of experience in the military, I am acutely aware of the health challenges that come with this type of career. Long hours, odd shifts, and sitting and/or standing for prolonged periods are just a few factors that make it difficult to find time to eat properly, exercise, and identify healthy options. Having to eat something quickly or barely finishing your meal and coming home exhausted, especially after dealing with people at their worst and not having a release of your own, only adds more stress, which increases your risk of disease and even cancer (not to mention belly fat!).   You may not even realize the added stress you are under as a first responder because it is “normal” for you.  There is a way to get control of your health and stressors.


To help get your agency started, contact the LION STRATEGY GROUP (and tell them Megan sent you)! You can also call 512-784-6580 for more information.

Lion Strategy Group (LSG) works with law enforcement agencies and organizations to create comprehensive, culture-shaping assessment and training programs.  Founded by three professionals with impressive careers in law enforcement and the legal community, LSG specializes in an organization’s most valuable and critical investment – people. By utilizing decades of experience in municipal/state/ federal government, law enforcement, military service, education, technology and the legal community, our team is uniquely qualified to objectively identify and deconstruct complex organizational challenges, many of which may not be easily discernable. 

Our mission is to help clients identify and resolve challenges, while also recognizing opportunities and providing long-lasting tools that foster a healthy and safe work environment.  LSG partners directly with clients to design, implement and execute a strategic road map to address challenging obstacles and strategically utilize them to an organization’s advantage. Our ultimate goal is to establish a realistic and sustainable trajectory toward success for our clients. 

Resilient Training to Include De-Escalation

As we have seen in recent days and months, world events and/or personal experiences can introduce unusual stressors and safety concerns in our workplace or home environment.  Safeguarding our physical space, while simultaneously addressing associated fears, are paramount to ensuring both the physical and psychological health of our employees and community.  LSG’s processes are uniquely grounded in behavioral science.  Our “Resilient Training Program” is not just training, it is an early detection system designed to highlight behavioral red flags that can negatively impact employee performance, conduct, attendance and safety in an organization, as well as increase organizational risk and liability. 

Specifically, our programs include: 

  • Resilient Training,
  • Workforce Behavioral Intervention Module (WBIM),
  • COVID-19 Safety and Compliance, and
  • Recruiting and Selection Services.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Increase performance and promote a safer work environment,
  • Proactively identify risk and provide risk management solutions which go beyond the superficial,
  • Protect an organization from litigation,
  • Engage the workforce, creating and strengthening a culture of trust,
  • Demonstrate (to stakeholders) that you value your greatest investment – people,
  • Help your workforce become the best version of themselves,
  • Create significant return through minimal investment, and
  • Promote and create a culture of safety and accountability for each member of your team.

In addition, our programs and strategies will enhance team member retention by gathering vital analytics through longitudinal studies to identify workplace trends and develop insights to incrementally improve all areas of the organization.  When LSG has completed our initial work together, your employees will receive on-going mental health support from our resource partners, and you will have tangible tools designed to guide your organization long-term.

For more information about Lion Strategy Group programs, visit or call 512-784-6580. 

Health Coaching for First Responders

Research has shown that offenders are more reluctant to assault and/or kill an officer if the officer looks fit, is alert, and acts professionally. Officers who are overweight are more likely to sustain serious injuries and miss more work days. Not only can a healthy lifestyle help you stay alert and energized throughout your shift, it can help you live a longer and higher quality of life in general, and even save your life and/or someone else’s life.

Fit Logic Functional Medicine will soon be developing programs geared specifically towards first responders. Please check back soon!