Chronic Illness Treatment & Prevention

The world is facing an epidemic of preventable chronic conditions – from heart disease and diabetes to IBS, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, and even some cancers. These have replaced infectious and acute illnesses as the leading cause of death in the world.  In fact, 70% of deaths today are caused by lifestyle-related chronic diseases. This suffering is sweeping our nation and accounts for over 85% of health care costs! Heart diseases alone killed 17.5 million people in 2012.

We Keep Spending More, but Are We Getting More?

What we are doing as a nation is not working, because more and more people are getting sick and dying from these diseases. What’s the answer? First of all, it’s important for YOU to be motivated to take control of your own health. If you’re ready I can help you! I’ll spend the time with you to understand who you are and the road you have travelled.

Megan Miller, Health & Nutrition Coach

A Holistic Healthcare Approach

Instead of focusing on treating symptoms, I use a whole-person approach and consider everything that encompasses your health, including:

  • genetic makeup & history
  • environmental circumstances
  • lifestyle factors

Together we’ll set goals, but you’ll be held accountable! Fit Logic Functional Medicine will always be here for support and guidance but the ultimate goal is for you to have control over your own health.