The Fit Logic Functional Medicine Approach

Treating a Whole Person, Not Just a Symptom

Instead of looking at a chart and quickly writing a prescription, or telling you what you “should” do, I will listen to you. And together we will form a plan as you move forward toward a healthier lifestyle. The goal will not be to put a Band-Aid on your symptoms, but to get to the root cause of them, and promote healing.

Although there is a time and a place for prescription medications, it is not always the answer. My goal is to design a personalized program that works for you and to partner with you so that you can create your own happier, healthier lifestyle. This will include one or more interventions, such as diet/nutrition (including vitamins, minerals, and supplements), exercise, stress management, detoxification, massage therapy, and mind/body techniques, such as meditation or guided imagery.

health management & coaching

As your partner in health, you can expect me to:

  • listen to you and respect your role and knowledge of yourself
  • to hold you accountable and be your partner in health.

And my expectation of you is that you will:

  • take responsibility for your choices in creating your own health
  • be proactive with the plan that we create for you

Working Together You Can Succeed!

Take the first step on your journey to better health! Your goals are within reach. Make every step count with Fit Logic Nutrition.